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Jared Waller, Student Seats CEO

Jared Waller

Founder & CEO

Programmer/Database Manager

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Jared is a development wizard that had the original idea of a student ticket exchange. His dedication led Student Seats to new heights that allowed us to market our website for the very first time and expand past The University of Alabama.

John Ritondo, Student Seats CIO

John Ritondo

Co-Founder & CIO

Cloud Architect/Marketing Manager

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John is a marketing guru with a knack for perfecting our business strategy and user experience. His elevator pitch at a business competition acquired the first funding for Student Seats and his quoteable one liners never cease to please media interviewers.


secure transactions

What We Do

Student Seats provides a secure ticket exchange platform with the help of our business partner Trustap. We ensure buyers can no longer be scammed by facilitating escrow transactions on our website.

happy students on gameday

Our Mission

To eliminate ticket worries for college students who simply want to partake in the core college experience.

safe transactions

Why We Started

We were both students at the University of Alabama who witness thousands of dollars going into the pockets of scammers on unfiltered, unmoderated social media pages. We decided that someone needs to do something about it.