About Us
Jared Waller, Student Seats CEO

Jared Waller

Founder & CEO

Programming Lead/Database Manager

John Ritondo, Student Seats CIO

John Ritondo

Co-Founder & CIO

Programmer/Marketing Manager

What We Do

Student Seats is an escrow service. This means that it is virtually impossible to be scammed as a buyer. The seller will not be able to scam you because they must send their ticket before we send your money to the seller. If the seller created a fake posting and has no ticket, we will send your money back and the seller will be banned.

Why We Started

We both attended the University of Alabama and graduated in December 2021 with Master's Degrees in Management Information Systems. During the 2019 football season, students traded their tickets on an un-moderated, un-filtered Facebook group. Scamming became such a problem that the group owner pinned a post at the top of the page warning members not to send their money without 100% confidence. We are both students at UA who saw an opportunity to create something special for their fellow students. We created a website virtually free of scams, where every user had to be a student at UA. Our goal was to stop scammers from taking money and getting away with it.